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Liff Limebeater - Electrolytic Scale Inhibitors

Liff / Water Treatment / Scale Inhibitors / Liff Limebeater


Electrolytic water conditioner to reduce limescale build-up

The Liff Limebeater conditions the water passing through it using the principles of electrolytic action to alter the characteristics of hard water. Once conditioned, limescale simply passes through any domestic hot water system without sticking to vulnerable surfaces like heat exchangers.

Extend the service life of household plumbing appliances

Limebeater protects systems from lime scale build-up, extending the life of household hot water appliances like boilers, shower equipment, taps, washing machines and hot water cylinders.

Locating your Liff Limebeater

The Limebeater can be sited either on the incoming water main to protect the whole house, or locally to offer protection to a specific appliance.


Limebeater Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor - Price list

Liff LimeBeater 15mm

Flow rate of 0.45 l/s with 15mm connections. Length 219mm x 22mm width.


41.21 in VAT
Part Code:PP G/292296

Liff LimeBeater 22mm

Flow rate of 0.45 l/s with 22mm connections. Length 219mm x 22mm width.


45.22 inc VAT
Part Code:PP G/292297

Liff Limebeater 15/22mm platinum

The Platinum is supplied with push-fit connectors and is suitable for both 15mm and 22mm pipe sizes. Flow rate of 0.45 l/s. 45mm dia. Max temp 25oC. ABS body.
42.90 inc VAT
Part Code: PP LFG 1522









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