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Lime Scale inhibitors by LIFF

Protect your plumbing system from the costly effects of lime scale with one of the LIFF family of Scale Inhibitors.

Simple to install and inexpensive to operate they are ideal to offer protection to individual appliances or the whole house.

The curse of lime scale

Scaling is a real problem, particularly in hard water areas. Calcium particles suspended in the water deposit themselves on surfaces in boiler heat exchangers, hot water cylinders, on immersion heaters, in dishwashers and washing machines to name just a few, building into a super-hard coating that dramatically reduces both efficiency and life span.

Lime scale prevention improves performance

In heat exchangers, the waterways are narrowed reducing their ability to transfer heat. Immersion heaters become unable to dissipate their heat and burn out. Taps and shower equipment become caked, reducing their flow rates. Thermostatic shower cartridges have their life span seriously shortened and require more frequent service or replacement.

Invest for scale free future

A little 'up front' investment can save you considerable amounts in maintenance, replacement and running costs.

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Liff Limefighter lime scale inhibitor with 22mm connections






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