HIB Sienna En Suite Furniture
HIB Palamas En Suite Furniture
Cassino Cloakroom Furniture
Revio Cloakroom Furniture
Manhattan Walnut Furniture
Denia Bathroom Furniture
Sorrento Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom Furniture - The Sorrento Range

The collection of Sorrento bathroom furniture from HIB



The Sorrento collection of bathroom furniture options offers tasteful coordination of sanitary and hardware together with ample storage.




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850mm Furniture Square Sink Furniture 650 and 300mm Furniture

sorrento110suite.jpg (16945 bytes) Sorrento40suite.JPG (5486 bytes) Sorrento60suite.jpg (8317 bytes) Sorrento55suite.jpg (12115 bytes)  
1100mm Furniture 400mm Furniture 600mm Furniture 550mm Furniture



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