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Sorrento 550mm Combi Bathroom Furniture by HIB

Bathroom Furniture incorporating sinks and wash basins from the Sorrento Range


Sorrento 550mm Combi

sorrentolights.jpg (2995 bytes)

Description: Sorrento -Lights
Size: W550 x H20 x D160mm
Code: 705520
Price: 92.32
sorrento55tall.jpg (2079 bytes)
Description: Sorrento - Tall Unit
Size: W300 x H1900 x D345mm
Code - Left Handed 473127
Code - Right Handed 473027
Price: 305.81
sorrentomirror.jpg (4118 bytes)
Description: Sorrento - Mirror
Size: W550 x H1070 x D20mm
Code: 805513
Price: 57.82
sorrento55basin.jpg (2963 bytes)
Description: Sorrento - Washbasin
Size: W550 x H205 x D440mm
Code: 995536
Price: 119.78
sorrento55base.jpg (2555 bytes)
Description: Sorrento - Base Unit
Size: W500 x H800 x D345mm
Code: 475511
Price: 151.25

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