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HIB Bathroom Furniture - The Denia Range

Bathroom Furniture incorporating sinks and wash basins from the HIB Denia Range

The HIB Denia Range of Bathroom Furniture offers practical storage with modern design features and simple yet minimalist styling. Many different bathroom types are catered for including large units and smaller cloakroom units for areas where space is at a premium.


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Denia 1100mm Furniture

Denia 850mm Furniture

Denia Corner Unit

550mm Back To Wall

Denia 65.jpg (28078 bytes) Denier corner.jpg (17292 bytes) Denia 55.jpg (15170 bytes) Deniabath.jpg (12020 bytes)

Denia 600mm Furniture

Denia Corner Unit

550 and 600mm Combi

Denia Bath Panels

DeniaTall.jpg (5719 bytes) Denia 45.jpg (9747 bytes)

Denia Tall Units

Denia 450mm Furniture

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