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Denia 450mm Combi Bathroom Furniture from HIB

Countertop sinks and wash basins from the Denia Range


The Denia range of 450mm wide bathroom furniture from HIB is ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms where space is limited. The compact design still provides plenty of storage space and a generously-sized washbasin. Combine the base unit with an above sink mirrored cabinet and you'll have even more storage along with a portrait mirror.



Denia 450mm Combi components

Description: Denia - Small Cabinet Mirror
Size: W400 x H720 x D140mm
Code: 804003
Price: 188.00
Description: Denia - Washbasin
Size: W470 x H160 x D370mm
Code: 994536
Price: 130.40
Description: Denia - Base Unit
Size: W430 x H800 x D250mm
Code: 204511
Price: 156.00

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