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Amazon shower booster pumps

Heavy duty brass bodied power shower pumps by Grundfos Watermill



The Grundfos Watermill Amazon Shower Pumps are a range of heavy duty brass pumps, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. They are continuously rated pumps which make them ideal for domestic, commercial and light industrial use.

A brass pump will transform any compatible shower system into a really enjoyable and invigorating power shower.

The installation of a Grundfos Surrey flange is recommended. (For information: A Surrey Flange should be fitted to any hot water cylinder that does not have dedicated power shower take-offs fitted. This device installs in the top of your hot water cylinder. The flange provides a draw-off point for hot water that will feed to the pump at a lower level than the normal hot water outlet at the top of the cylinder - hence avoiding the likelyhood of air bubbles being sucked into the pump where they would cause impellor to cavitate.)



Features of Amazon Heavy Duty pumps:

  • Brass Impellers and Machine brass stampings
  • Continuously Rated
  • Long life silicone carbide seals
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses
  • Comprehensive 2 Year Guarantee


Product Code Price inc VAT
Amazon Twin 1.5 bar S/D12021 286.73
Amazon Twin 2.0 bar S/D12022 296.34
Amazon Twin 3.0 bar S/D12023 331.06
Amazon Twin 4.0 bar S/D12024 450.17
Amazon Single 2.0 bar S/D12025 210.59
Amazon Single 3.0 bar S/D12026 232.81
Amazon Twin 1.5 bar (Negative) S/D12027 380.48
Amazon Twin 2.0 bar (Negative) S/D12028 390.90
Amazon Twin 3.0 bar (Negative) S/D12029 430.25
Amazon Twin 4.0 bar (Negative) S/D12030 530.91
Amazon Single 2.0 bar (Negative) S/D12031 254.62
Amazon Single 3.0 bar (Negative) S/D12032 261.29




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