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Sololift 2 WC-3 by Grundfos
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Grundfos waste water macerator pump - SOLOLIFT 2 C-3

Grundfos Macerator Pumps - Sololift 2 CWC-3

Macerating waste water pump designed to be concealed


Sololift 2 CWC-3

The CWC-3 is suitable for pumping domestic waste water from a cabinet shower, bidet, washbasin and a wall-hung toilet. It is specially designed for 'behind the wall' installations.

  • Powerful professional cutter
  • Clean and easy service
  • 'In wall' installation

Grundfos Sololift 2 CWC-3





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Sololift 2 CWC-3

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Grundfos macerator pump - SOLOLIFT 2 CWC-3



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