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Vantage Corner Entry Enclosure
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Corniche Quadrant Enclosure
Corniche Sliding Enclosure
Corniche Walk In Enclosure
Enclosure Side Panels

Eastbrook Shower Enclosure Side Panels

Shower Screens / Shower Doors / Shower Enclosures


The Corniche/Vantage Side Panels come with a stylish chromed frame and 8 & 6mm clear glass respectively. These panels are also available with towel rail.

Vantage Side Panels:

Corniche Side Panels:




Vantage Side Panels:
Size Adjustment Finish Price (inc vat)
700mm 685-705mm Silver 166.43
760mm 745-765mm Silver 169.58
800mm 785-805mm Silver 174.44
900mm 885-905mm Silver 179.29
1000mm 985-1005mm Silver 185.06
700mm with Towel Bar 685-705mm Silver 202.37
760mm with Towel Bar 745-765mm Silver 203.33
800mm with Towel Bar 785-805mm Silver 204.29
900mm with Towel Bar 885-905mm Silver 210.07




Vantage Side Panels:
Size Adjustment Finish Price (inc vat)
700mm with Towel Bar 660-700mm Silver 222.59
760mm with Towel Bar 720-760mm Silver 224.56
800mm with Towel Bar 760-800mm Silver 225.52
900mm with Towel Bar 860-900mm Silver 232.26



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