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Self contained disabled shower shower cubicles

Four sided free standing shower cubicle


All in one self contained disabled shower cubicle

Panelled walls on 3 sides and half height doors to the front. Ideal solution for creating ensuite disabled shower facilities almost anywhere in the home without having to tile. Half height shower doors are particularly useful if carer assistance is necessary and work in conjunction with a shower curtain for total privacy.

Self contained shower cubicles work well with any kind of standard shower equipment (recommend thermostatic equipment either electric or mixer type). Assistance is always at the end of the phone. Please call.

Shower Toilet cubicle

The four sided cubicle can be enhanced to provide a complete 'Shower Toilet' facility. This offers an easy install anywhere ensuite facilities may be required. Capitalising on the fact that no tiling is necessary, the shower toilet requires minimal installation time by comparison with traditional building methods. Waste can be piped away to a convenient soil pipe or through a small bore macerator pump allowing installation almost anywhere. For this option please select the shower cubicle of your choice and add the 'Shower Toilet' option found at bottom of page.


Self contained disabled shower cubicles require no tiling

XL Four sided free standing disabled shower cubicle with half height shower doors

The four sided shower cubicle, as it is known, actually has three of its sides panelled with the fourth as half height doors. The four sided disabled shower cubicle is supplied with the following:

  • Shower Tray (cubicle size will match footprint of tray)

  • One Full Height Rear Panel in White

  • Two Full Height Side Panels in White

  • One Pair of Half Height pivot doors with PETG Panels

  • Curtain Rail & Full Height Curtain

  • Grab Rail

  • Fixings & Corner Compensators

  • For optional variations, additions & accessories see below

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Product Code Price EX VAT Price inc VAT
Cubicle 800 x 800mm EB01 937.80 1125.36
Cubicle 700 x 900mm EB02 937.80 1125.36
Cubicle 900 x 700mm EB03 937.80 1125.36
Cubicle 900 x 900mm EB04 937.80 1125.36
Cubicle 1000 x 1000mm EB05 979.43 1175.31
Cubicle 760 x 1125mm EB06 979.43 1175.31
Cubicle 900 x 1200mm EB07 979.43 1175.31
Cubicle 1295 x 640mm EB08 979.43 1175.31
Cubicle 1295 x 710mm EB09 979.43 1175.31
Cubicle 1500 x 880mm EB12 1090.35 1308.42
Cubicle 1295 x 900mm EB13 1090.35 1308.42
Cubicle 1000 x 1400mm EB17 1090.35 1308.42
Cubicle 1500 x 710mm EB19 1090.35 1308.42
Cubicle 1200 x 800mm EB25 979.43 1175.31
Additions, variations and accessories for the four sided complete shower cubicles
Product Code Price ex VAT Price inc VAT
Midwall Panel Stabiliser D04MPS000 41.00 49.20
Full-Height Side Panel E01FHPANEL 146.25 175.50
Full Height Cubicle Door E01FHDR00 281.00 337.20
Full-Height Bi-Fold Cubicle Door E01FHBDR0 368.75 442.50
Half Height Bi-Fold Cubicle Doors E01BFDR00 41.00 49.20
Half-Height Double Bi-Fold Doors E01DBFDR0 82.00 98.40
Half-Height Tri-Fold Cubicle Doors E01TFDR00 82.00 98.40
Flat Roof Panel for Cubicle E01TPR000 105.25 126.30
Roof Light for Cubicle E01RL0100 76.00 91.20
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For Shower Equipment click here      
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Shower Toilet Option - please add this kit to the shower cubicle of your choice

Code Item ex VAT inc VAT
E06SL6010 SL601 Shower/Loo kit - add to price of selected cubicle 649.11 778.93
  Comprises: Steel toilet support frame, wall hung toilet pan and seat, concealed flushing cistern and lever, 450mm wall mounted wash basin and fitting bars, a pair of lever operated taps and waste fitting, complete assemly fixing kit.    
E06SL6100 350mm Utilities access door kit 162.12 194.54
D21DR0000 White dryroll toilet roll holder pleastic wrapped 35.87 43.05

The Shower Toilet option must be added to the cost of your chosen shower cubicle


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