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Shower Cubicle Components

Leak-Free quality Shower Cubicles

The EasyFit and Wellness Steam range of cubicles come factory fitted with the highest quality shower equipment as standard. Thermostatic showers, Optional Electric Showers, Riser Rail Kit, Mood Lighting and FM Radio to name but a few.
Thermostatic Shower Valve

Contemporary, yet classic in design, the "One" shower valve will not look out of place in an established country home or a modern town house.

Its controls are made of solid brass, one for water flow and the other for temperature. Behind the controls lies a heavily engineered shower valve able to deliver large amounts of water at a regulated temperature even when the water is fluctuating elsewhere in the home.

Suitable for all water systems combi boilers, tank fed system and pressurised systems.

Shower Kit

Both the EasyFit and Wellness cubicles come with luxury designer shower kit as standard.


  • High Flow 6 Mode Shower Head
  • Large Bore Shower Hose
  • Curved Modern Shower Rail
  • Easy pull option included for those with poor grip or for children
  • Quick Release shower head for easy cleaning
  • Works with both high and low pressure water systems
Shower Door

The aquatic range of shower doors have been designed and manufactured using the finest of materials.

  • Solid chromed brass door handles
  • Thick, toughened 4mm or 6mm glass
  • Solid aluminium frame to give a lifetime of service
Wellness Body Jets

The healing power of water has been recognised for thousands of years. Throughout Europe there are numerous health spas and health centres based around water cures. Your shower has a set of four body jets placed at strategic positions in the cubicle.

  • Face nebuliser jets for soft facial cleansing
  • Upper Back jets for soothing aching muscles and improving circulation
  • Lower Back jets for soothing aching muscles and improving circulation
  • Localised hand shower jets to reach specific local areas
Wellness Controls

The Wellness range come with a sleek and stylish touch pad control system. With the push of a button you can activate all of the features including lighting, steam, aromatherapy and even the inbuilt FM Radio. It also comes with an MP3/CD input so you can plug your iPod in to create (literally) an all singing, all dancing showering experience.

Control Pad instructions.pdf

Wellness Steam

Steam is one of the oldest remedies in the world; steam baths have been used for centuries to promote health and vitality. The simultaneous action of steam and heat helps the blood and lymph circulation, as well as dissolving toxins and other waste matter form metabolic activity with expulsion via perspiration. To make sure you achieve the best from your steam room, please shower first and aim to sit in the steam room for no more than 15 minuets at around 35C and 45C and stop at any time you feel faint.

  • Steam helps to relax muscles
  • You'll sleep better, and above all feel better
  • Provides temporary relief for arthritis sufferers or sore joints
  • Steam will open the pores of your skin allowing toxins to escape
  • Moisture can help to heal dry skin
  • Temperature is best kept between 35C and 45C
Chromatherapy (Mood Lighting)

The treatment of Chromatherapy is the use of changes in the colour of light to produce healthy and beneficial effects on the mind and body. Light therapy is recognised by conventional medicine and many positive studies on the subject have been performed. Your light can be used to simply achieve a better frame of mind when you feel low or to help you sleep. Whatever you use this therapy for it will complement your life beautifully.

Light colours and their effects:

  • Red - Stimulating - energises and invigorates, can help with headaches
  • Blue - Calming - Calms, eases stress and aids sleep
  • Green - Relaxing - Calms, helps to remove waste from body
  • Yellow - Well Being - Sharpens the mind, lifts worries and improves your mood
  • Violet - Cleansing - Good for the nervous system, helps to heal infections
  • Orange - Revitalising - Good for breathing, mental energies, helps to heal wounds
  • For the best effect lights should be used in conjunction with steam
Wellness Aromatherapy

Delightful natural scents fuse with the steam and water molecules to create a heaven of tranquillity that you will never want to leave. Just close your eyes and you could be in the heart of a pine forest, an orange grove or a herb garden.

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