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Shower pod with granite and coloured finishes

Coram shower pod - Custom Colour Options


Coram showers now offer their leak free shower pods in a range of exciting new colours.

Whether you wish to match in to an existing colour scheme or want to create a beautiful and unique shower room Coram showers can be manufactured in a range of 'granite' finishes, or to virtually any gloss colour finish.

Choose from the twelve 'granite' finishes below, or supply the information needed for manufacture in any single colour of your choice.

'Granite' finishes for CORAM leak free shower pods

Obsidian black granite finish


Slate grey granite finish
Pewter granite finish
Lake Michigan deep blue granite finish
Lake Michigan
Planetarium Blue granite finish
Blue Jeans granite finish
Blue Jeans
Everglade green granite finish
Winter Pines green granite finish
Winter Pines
Biscotti granite finish
Firebrick granite finish
Cinnamon granite finish
Blizzard granite finish
Important note: Colours will render differently on each and every monitor according to settings. For this reason the colour finishes shown above must only be used a guide and not a definitive colour sample.

A shower pod in any colour of your choice

Coram shower pods can now be manufactured in literally ANY single colour (also referred to as a 'flat' colour). If a colour exists it should have what is known as a RAL Number. If you can provide this number your shower can be manufactured to that colour.

If you cannot find the RAL Number a colour sample may suffice. If you can provide a colour swatch or something with which to match the colour can be established.

A word of caution though...

Please be aware that different materials can present the same colour quite differently. For example, the colour of a piece of ceramic (say a cistern lid), a piece of material or a bath panel (possibly made from plastic) may look undetectably similar in the same room, but when examined closely may be a different shade of the same colour. Furthermore, bleaching (the effect of prolonged sunlight) may have occurred on your sample or the suite to which you intend to match so take this into account when providing your sample.

Please don't hesitate to call for assistance.

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Granite and coloured finish shower pods

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