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1200mm Alcove shower pod

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Coram 1200 Alcove leak free shower pod

Luxurious 1200mm alcove shower pod with 25 year guarantee

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Coram 1200mm leak free self contained shower pod for an alcove

This Coram 1200 self contained shower is a particularly spacious unit designed to install to an alcove. When fitted, the shower pod presents a leak free installation to a superb standard of finish with all pipework concealed. Doors are available in either polished silver or white sliding door. The pod is also supplied with a high performance thermostatic bar shower as standard with an option to upgrade to a concentric shower (see below).

1200mm alcove sliding door shower pod


  • 1195 x 805mm

  • Available in heights between 2275mm high (Std) and 2130mm high

  • 25 year guarantee (Details)

  • Polished Silver or White sliding door

  • Thermostatic shower included

  • Moulded bottle shelf

  • Easy installation

  • British designed & built

  • Rigid base with Waterguard protection and access panel for easy maintenance

  • Premier Pods feature luxury door frames and finishes

  • Optima Pods feature standard door frames and finishes

  • Fitting information

  • 'Walk in' style screen NOW available for this shower pod.


Best prices in the UK!


  List Price

Our Price

inc VAT

Coram 1200 Alcove Sliding Door Premier shower pod | Polished Silver frame

1982.38 1413.08

Coram 1200 Alcove Sliding Door Optima shower pod | Chrome frame

1860.67 1328.65

Coram 1200 Alcove Sliding Door Optima shower pod | White frame

1835.12 1310.93
Sequential Concentric Mixer Valve (see below) 381.68 290.02
Bar valve with rigid riser and rain head 411.75 290.07
Chrome waste outlet with trap Details 26.25
Granite finish (more info) 360.00
Coloured finish 95.00

Best Prices in the UK!

25 year manufacturer warranty


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For detailed dimensional information please see our Technical Drawing



Coram shower pods - Equipment options explained

Bar type thermostatic shower mixer valve, hose, riser rail and shower handset

Included: 'Bar type' thermostatic mixer valve (surface mounted) Option: Sequential Concentric recessed thermostatic mixer valve Option: Bar valve, rigid riser, 'rain head', adjustable hose with handset

Shower valve options in Coram shower pods

Coram shower pods are supplied with thermostatic shower mixer valves making them suitable for use on all types of hot water system - gravity, pumped, unvented and with combination boilers.

A 'Bar type' thermostatic shower mixer valve is included in the purchase price. However, options are available to have a recessed concentric type valve, a 'Bar Type' valve with rigid riser/rain head/hose and handset (available at additional cost) or to have the pod supplied without shower equipment so you can fit something else (e.g. and electric shower).

Shower valve specifications

The 'Bar type' valve operates to a TMV2 level of control. It's operational pressure range is 0.25 bar - 5 bar (suitable for lower pressure, mains pressure, pumped and combination boiler systems). Delivery flow rate range is between 5 and 13 litres per minute.

The 'Concentric sequential type' valve operates to a TMV3 level of control. It's operational pressure range is 0.1 bar - 10 bar (suitable for lower pressure, mains pressure and pumped systems). Delivery flow rate range is between 14 and 35 litres per minute. Equipped with anti-scald rapid cut-off.

To explain the 'Concentric sequential type' valve a little further...

The term 'concentric' essentially means the valve operates in a rotary fashion around a central spindle. A sequential valve, as the name might suggest, operates in a 'sequence' of events. As the handle is initially rotated the valve opens to allow a full flow of water. The temperature of the output water is controlled by continuing to rotate the valve handle (subject to supply water being at temperature), the water temperature increasing the further the valve is rotated. Being a thermostatic valve, once set at your desired temperature the valve will hold the output temperature stable (no nasty hot or cold surprises if other outlets or appliances in the house call for water!)

The sequential valve offers 'easy to grip' single lever operation and a good visual reference to favourite temperature setting.




1200mm Alcove one piece shower

Due to a policy of continual improvement the manufacturer reserves the right to change product specification without notice



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