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Made in England

CORAM Bath Screens- Superior quality



The name CORAM stand for one thing - QUALITY!

When you choose a CORAM product you know you will receive a superior quality product that has been manufactured in the UK by a company who care.

Take a look at the various designs in this attractive range of bath screens by CORAM.


The Sail by Coram - a bath screen that looks like the sail on a boat

CORAM SAIL bath screen

Plain bath screen with a curved top

Coram Curved bath screen

Plain glass bath screen with square corners

Coram Square bath screen

Sliding glass bath screen by Coram

Coram Sliding bath screen

Folding glass bath screen by Coram

Coram Folding bath screen



Some other CORAM shower enclosures...

Coram GB Range
Coram GB range of shower enclosures
Coram OPTIMA Range
Coram Optima pivot shower door shown here with side panel to create a corner shower enclosure
Coram PREMIER range
Coram PREMIER range of shower doors and enclosures

Fitting a Coram shower enclosure

Are you concerned that installation might be a little beyond your DIY skills level?

Would you like to have a go but don't know where to start?

Click the image (on right) to see step by step instructions for installing a Coram shower enclosure.



Coram GB Range
Coram GB Range of shower enclosures and doors
Coram Optima Range
Coram Optima range of quality shower doors and enclosures
Coram Premier Range
Coram Bath Screens
Coram Sail hinged glass bath screen - shown here with fixed panel






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