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Bristan Thermostatic Electric  Showers

Thermostatic Electric Showers | 8.5kW Showers | 9.5kW Showers | 10.4kW Showers | Bristan Showers


Bristan thermostatic electric showers offer the best in safety.

Any shower connected directly to the incoming water main will be subject to changes in water temperature and pressure as other demands connected to the same supply turn on and off. A thermostatic shower monitors the output temperature (the temp of the water reaching the shower head) and make internal adjustments to compensate for these changes.


• Temperature lock facility with override facility.

• Programmable temperature with push button operation and audible signal when button pushed.

• Instantaneous electric shower drawing water direct from the cold mains supply ideal for installations without stored hot water and second bathrooms.

• Consistent showering temperature is provided. The temperature stabilising device compensates for changes in the incoming water pressure caused by other household fittings.

• 3 power settings (Cold, Warm and Hot) and a separate temperature control

• On/Off is operated by a push button ensuring temperature setting remains unaffected after each use

• Safety warning lights indicate both ‘low incoming water pressure’ and ‘reduce temperature’, therefore the shower should then be turned off or the temperature reduced

• The phased shutdown feature ensures all hot water is flushed out of the shower after use prolonging the shower life, this ensures limescale build-up is kept to a minimum, again this is indicated by a warning light

• This shower is supplied with a fully adjustable riser kit, 1.5m hose, soap tray, hose retainer and single function handset with rub clean nozzles.



Bristan Thermostatic Electric Shower price list

Size Finish Product Code Price inc VAT
Bristan Thermostatic Electric 8.5kW Matt Chrome S/D76587 £342.33
Bristan Thermostatic Electric 9.5kW Matt Chrome S/D76586 £353.73
Bristan Thermostatic Electric 10.8kW Matt Chrome S/D76585 £365.13





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