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Aqualisa QUARTZ - how it works

How does the Aqualisa Quartz shower work?

How the Aqualisa QUARTZ shower works....

How the Aqualisa Quartz shower operates


Where can I install a QUARTZ control unit?

The unique QUARTZ processor may be sited up to 4m from the wall control - in the

airing cupboard, under the bath or even in the roof space above the shower !

Data from the wall mounted command point (such as desired water temperature) is fed

to the processor unit via a low voltage data cable.


How the Aqualisa Quartz processor unit works

Two versions of the Quartz are available to cope with both low pressure (gravity)

and high pressure (mains) water supplies. 

The 'low pressure' model (pictured left)


features an integral booster pump

delivering a boosted output and power

shower performance from a gravity hot and cold water supply.


The 'high pressure' model (pictured left)

is designed for use with mains pressure water systems (such as mains fed unvented hot water cylinders/combination boilers/mains pressure cold water supply) where the use of a booster pump is both inappropriate and generally unnecessary.


Hot and cold supplies (on either type) are fed to the Quartz processor control unit where they are mixed to the required temperature then delivered as a blended flow via a single pipe to the shower head.

The 'one-touch' wall control can be situated in the shower enclosure, over the bath or, alternatively, in any convenient location close to the shower in accordance with the Installation Instructions.

Aqualisa QUARTZ - installation and technical information

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