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Aqualisa 609

Aqualisa Aquavalve 609

Aqualisa AQUAVALVE 609

AQUALISA 609 recessed thermostatic shower valve


AQUALISA Aquavalve 609 Thermostatic shower mixer valve

Built-in for unobtrusive appearance in a shower enclosure or over a bath, Aquavalve 609 is is simply elegant and offers the very best in design and performance.

Aqualisa's unique shower valve technology provides high flow rate from the superbly designed shower heads in a choice of spray patterns.

Clearly defined graphics combined with an adjustable maximum temperature control ensure maximum showering comfort. For Aqualisa power shower pump options click here.


  • Compatible with all approved water systems

  • Adjustable maximum temperature stop for safety in use

  • Choice of shower heads

  • Manual mixer valve also available

  • Power shower options

  • Chrome or Gold-plated and White colour options together with White/Chrome and Visage Chrome/Gold mix

  • 3 Year Guarantee

Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 thermostatic shower valve


Aquavalve 609 Thermo concealed with adjustable head Aquavalve 609 Thermo concealed with fixed head  

Aquavalve 609 Thermo concealed with adjustable head - chrome

Valve - code: C609.01T

Varispray head

code: 99.40.01

Turbostream head

code: 99.20.01

Aquavalve 609 Thermo concealed with fixed head - chrome

Valve - code: C609.01T

Varispray head

code: 99.50.01

Turbostream head

code: 99.30.01



Aquavalve 609 Colour options:



Concealed valve - code: C609.21T

Adjustable Varispray head

code: 99.40.21

Adjustable Turbostream head

code: 99.20.21

Fixed Varispray head

code: 99.50.21

Fixed Turbostream head

code: 99.30.21



Concealed valve - code: C609.20T

Adjustable Varispray head

code: 99.40.20

Adjustable Turbostream head

code: 99.20.20

Fixed Varispray head

code: 99.50.20

Fixed Turbostream head

code: 99.30.20



Concealed valve - code: C609.04T

Adjustable Varispray head

code: 99.40.04

Adjustable Turbostream head

code: 99.20.04

Fixed Varispray head

code: 99.50.04

Fixed Turbostream head

code: 99.30.04


Aquavalve 609 in gold finish

Aquavalve 609 shower with chrome and gold finish

Aqualisa Aquavalve 609 gold finish



Chrome/Gold Aquavalve C609.14T with Chrome/Gold Varispray Adjustable Height Shower Head 99.40.14

Gold Aquavalve C609.04T with Gold Turbostream Adjustable Height Shower Head 99.20.04





Aqualisa 609 shower mixer valve

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