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Aqualisa OPTO showers OPTO showers by Aqualisa

Aqualisa OPTO Thermostatic Shower

Aqualisa OPTO thermostatic shower


Aqualisa OPTO thermo surface mounted shower

Aqualisa Opto Thermo

Another major showing innovation from Aqualisa comes in the shape of the Opto range.

The Opto Thermo Showers are unique in that they accommodate all types of plumbing situations. There are three choices - Opto Thermo Gravity, Opto Thermo Combi and Opto Thermo High Pressure.

Each model brings unique performance. The Opto Thermo Gravity typically doubles the flow of other products, the Opto Thermo Combi provides true thermostatic performance with its dedicated combi valve and the Opto Thermo High Pressure sees the end of 'empty tank' complaints.


Benefits of the Opto Thermo Range

  • Easy-to-install valve and kit comes all in one box.

  • Optimum performance – a thermostatic cartridge designed for each water system.

  • Luxury shower kit with multi-mode 3 pattern handset, shower gel holder and easy-to-clean shower head.

  • 2 year comprehensive manufacturer’s guarantee.

Aqualisa has made it easy with the Opto Thermo range. Each system has its own unique product code, is clearly labelled according to the water system it is designed to work with and comes complete in one box. You just decide whether you need a concealed or exposed model, pick the box that is right for the job and get on with it!

OPTO Thermo recessed shower


Choose your shower type:
Opto Thermo Gravity Opto Thermo Combi Opto Thermo High Pressure

Aqualisa OPTO shower range

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